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Learning in Primary Year

Class 1 & 2

A child’s mind is like wet clay and needs to be handled with care. Keeping this in mind, we at Ashok Memorial Public school provide an encouraging and loving atmosphere with a lot of fun, so that students can learn with each possible ways. The methodology that we use to teach the students of .classes 1 & 2 is learning by doing with No bag Policy. Students are taught through the various activities. The children are given activity based assignments to check the retention of the concepts taught. At this level we emphasize more on experiential learning. Our aim is to prepare the children to express themselves freely, read, write and do Mathematics Assessment at this level is not formal rather children are assessed on the basis of their daily performance. Report of the same is generate quarterly.

Class 3 to 5

As the child comes in class 3, he becomes more familiar with environment of school, now his experiences and observations are now considered as a formally in the form of Periodic and Summative Assessments. They also become a part of School’s Scout and guide team. Children are nurtured in this way that they can become a responsible and independent grownups with some imbibed values. They are continuously motivated in their lessons to become independent thinker and writer. As they come in Class 5, they are given the opportunity of learning third language either French or Sanskrit. Children at this age are highly energetic and seem excited for almost everything. We here provide them a platform where children can show case their talent in Inter school competitions and day camps. By involving children in various activities, we can always see other side of our young scholars, so that they can be pushed harder to things where they are good at.